Stockholm fashion week is over since a few days. I was a little surprised to find so little online about it. There has been a lot of street style images on the different blogs but not really images of the new collections. Did it really become more important to see and to be seen than focusing on the actual event? It’s like going to the theater and not be interested in the play.

Anyway. I’m happy to hear that Spring 2012 was the best season ever for Swedish fashion despite the economic downturn (60 million-euro increase), says the deputy mayor of Stockholm. (Via

The Nordic countries are famous for their minimalistic designs, soft colors and innovative fabrics. So is CHEAP MONDAY. With a great team behind, they walk their fashion show in a skateboard park. Camouflage fabrics and hats, strong shaped sunglasses, skin colored leggings with prints, jeans, shiny white and light futuristic dresses and tees…and an amazing make up.

The inspiration to the collection is the following:

To understand our world, we humans divide things into categories. They are often opposites: day/night, human/animal, sick/healthy. Through categorization we create a sense of security. Anomalies exist in between categories. When encountering an anomaly we can react with horror, disgust or fear. The reactions are often physical and our intellect isn’t always involved. For the SS-13 collection, we have focused on anomalies such as the androgynous or genderless, treating these subjects in relation to the frames of duality. We have gone to outer space, returning with UFO and alien inspiration for prints and materials. The alien, artificial, ambiguous, strong, weird and genderless is central for the collection.

This is a small selection of the new spring/summer collection 2013 and a few backstage images to see behind the curtains and to get a little more personal.

images via here and here (enjoy the catwalk video below)